Griffith Littlehale's Identity Exposed


Griff ultimately started posting many pictures of himself on the forum, and started letting a few select people know about his personal instagram and facebook accounts. These accounts contained his real name and location, which was later used to find out further information, such as his university. Further to this, he often mentioned he was studying a pre-med degree and was a competitive swimmer in high school - both pieces of information which were used in order to track him down and verify his identity as Griffith Littlehale. The pictures (click to enlarge) above are screenshots of his posts with his personal selfies on along with his instagram and facebook account, while the pictures to the left show how we successfully linked his name to his forum alias, 'Nibba'.

Griffith Littlehale and


Griffith Littlehale, or Griff as he prefers to be known, started posting on the internet forum in August 2018. Over the course of several months, he made many posts expressing racist and anti-semitic opinions.


Unfortunately for Griff, he left a number of clues about his true identity, which has allowed us to make this website in order to bring his abhorrent views to the attention of those he may come into contact with. Of particular concern should be that Griffith Littlehale is currently studying a pre-med degree, and wishes to be a doctor in the future. His views about people of colour and women are, in our view, utterly irreconcilable with practicising medicine - a job that would require him to attend to the care of both groups a great deal of the time.

Meet Griffith Littlehale from Toledo, Ohio



A Racist, Anti-Semite, and Misogynist

Video of Griffith Littlehale

The final piece of the puzzle to undeniably connect Griff Littlehale to his forum account 'Nibba' was a video he posted on October 31st, 2018. In it, 'Nibba' bragged to other forum users about how his looks had improved, and posted two videos side by side in an attempt to prove it. In these videos, he moved his face from left to right repeatedly in order to showcase this improvement to other users of the site. We could now be sure that Mr. Littlehale was not an innocent party who had his pictures stolen and used by a racist, but that he was in fact the identity behind the posts - the video he posted was clearly the same person as those on the Griff Littlehale facebook and instagram accounts, and the content of the video made it impossibly unlikely that Griffith Littlehale made it for another purpose only to later have the video stolen and uploaded by a third party.


Link to the video: We have also embedded the video here for your convenience.


Link to Nibba's forum post of the video (also can be seen in the image to the right) can be found here


Archive link is here, in case it is later deleted by the forum.




Throughout his time on, Griffith Littlehale, under the forum alias 'Nibba', posted a number of vile racist tirades, showcasing his hatred of black people, latinos, refugees, and anyone else he deemed 'non-white'.


We believe that these attitudes cannot be tolerated among those in the medical profession. The prospect of Griffith Littlehale giving medical advice and potentially even conducting life-threatening surgery on people of colour is a clear conflict of interest given his reprehensible personal views.


Furthermore, in Mr. Littlehale's case, we cannot excuse such words as having been said in the heat of the moment. Such posts as the ones shown to the left were made over a several month timespan, in many different forum threads. Nor can it be said to be the result of juvenile naivety or a lack of education - Griffith Littlehale recieved a first class private education, having attended St. Francis de Sales School prior to becoming a student at the University of Toledo (see here and here).


Finally, we cannot even put his hateful views down to simple ignorance - Griff Littlehale lives in Toledo, which has a non-white population of 35.2%. Ultimately, we must conclude that neither education nor exposure to other races has altered his views for the better, and thus the chance of him undergoing a true and profound change in his attitude is minimal.


We therefore believe it is in the public interest to bring to light Mr. Littlehale's views, and allow others to make their own choice, in full possession of the facts, as to whether they wish to continue to associate with him or not.


The images here represent only a small fraction of the racist posts Griff Littlehale made, however we hope that they will adequately serve to demonstrate his views concerning people of colour.



'Too many ethnics, beaners, and ghetto n***ers here' - Griffith Littlehale
'Diversity of people is a terrible idea' - Griffith Littlehale
'This country is run by Jew retards' - Griffith Littlehale

To experienced monitors of far-right extremists, encoutering viewpoints such as those expressed above are sadly quite commonplace. Belief in some shadowy Jewish conspiracy has dated back thousands of years among those looking for a convenient scapegoat to pin percieved societal problems upon. It is saddening that in the modern age some people still believe this, and it is downright alarming that some of those people wish to become doctors - imagine, for instance, the potential conflict of interest Mr. Littlehale might be faced with if required to attend to a Jewish patient? Or even the advice he would be able to offer a patient about responsible food choices, when he himself believes much of the food in society today has been poisoned to make people weaker?


It is our position that people such as Griff Littlehale are best kept out of the medical field.

Not content with launching his verbal tirades on people of colour, Griff Littlehale frequently turned his attention to Jews - mainly in the form of posting his beliefs that there are harmful Jewish influences on society that only he (and a select number of other far-right activists) can see. On the forum, he posted, among other things, that Jews are responsible for poisoning the water supply, that vegan diets are promoted by Jews to try and lower the testosterone levels of men,  and that therapy is prescribed not to help people, but as a means to enable 'the Jews' to gather your personal information. Griff Littlehale also indicated his belief that America is 'run by Jews' and that racism against Jews is perfectly acceptable. Finally, he claims that the 'real reason we get sick' is that Jews poison mainstream food in order to make other members of society weak and subservient. Please see screenshots to the right, with the accompanying archive links.

'The Jews poison our food in order to destroy our immune systems' - Griffith Littlehale
'There are Jews and people controlled by Jews. The rest is gray area' - Griffith Littlehale
'Sex is boring and I get no pleasure out of it unless the girl gets hurt' - Griffith Littlehale



Griff Littlehale and Misogyny

Griff Littlehale, in addition to his racism and anti-semitism, also made a great many posts showing an alarming level of misogyny. Common themes in his writing were that the vast majority of women were 'sluts' and that women were biologically inferior to men. Further to this, Griff indicated that he sought to hurt women both physically and mentally whenever the opportunity presented itself - even going so far as to say that he did not exjoy sex unless the girl was feeling pain, and describing how he would deliberately arrange dates with women and then not turn up, in order to lower their self esteem.


Ask yourself this: would you wish for your mother, your sister, or your wife to be operated upon, or receive medical advice from a man who openly says that non-virgin women are 'used up' and advocates sexual violence?


Please see the screenshots of Griff Littlehale's posts to the right. All relevant archive links have been included.

'Name one area that matters that women are actually better at than men other than being sluts and giving birth' - Griffith Littlehale

Griff Littlehale did not limit his verbal tirades just to women and people of colour. He also had a strong dislike of the LGBT community, particularly gay men. He continually referred to other forum users as 'faggots', and often questioned their sexuality, as though being gay was somehow a negative thing.


One of the worst examples of this was when Griff actively insulted another member who had created a thread explaining he was suicidal. Far from offering supporting words, Littlehale called him a 'fucking faggot' and told him that he 'hopes he rots'.


Littlehale was shown to not even like his own father - referring to him as a 'faggot bitch'.


Some of the many examples of Griff Littlehale's homophobia (including his hatred against his own father) can be seen in the screenshots on the left.

'My father is 5 foot nine and he's my faggot bitch' - Griffith Littlehale
'Die you homosexual little subhuman' - Griffith Littlehale
Contact Information

All of Griffith Littlehale's contact information, correct at the time of writing, is below:


Home address:


2708 Strauss Ave






Currently studying pre-med at the University of Toledo:


University of Toledo

2801 Bancroft St






Known family members of Griffith Littlehale:


Robert Littlehale (father): and

Sharon Ann Littlehale (mother): No facebook account

Nevin Littlehale:

Zach Littlehale:

Lexi Littlehale:

Catherine Littlehale Oki:

Brian Littlehale:

Bobbie Littlehale:

Laurie Littlehale:

Joan Littlehale:

Taylor Littlehale:

Todd Littlehale:



Pictures of all the family members can be found on the album to the left. I must emphasise these pictures are only for the purpose of potentially identifying Griff's family members when they are seen, in order to perhaps provide information on the activities of Griff Littlehale himself. Griff's family are not to blame for his abhorrent views, however at the same time we feel it is important to provide the maximum possible information to enable others to identify Griff in the future.



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